viernes, 16 de abril de 2010


Una canción que amo profundamente...

"Bijou" - Written by Queen

Transcribo lo escrito por Cziczeko, quien subió el video a Youtube:

"Innuendo" was the last album released by Queen before the death of Freddie Mercury. Three of the songs on the album, "The Show Must Go On", "Don't Try So Hard" and "Bijou" were sung by Queen's charismatic vocalist in a terrifying manner, causing the feelings of delight and admiration on one hand, and in-depth pain, sorrow and helplessness on the other in the hearts of people who loved Queen as much as they did love Freddie.

The singing part in this song is relatively small, yet it always sends (and always will send...) shivers down my spine when I hear this poignant "You... and me, we are destined - you'll agree..."

"Bijou" is a song that will always make you feel how great this band was. Beautiful guitar solo by Brian May and thrilling voice of Freddie make a marvellous combination, resulting in one of the finest of Queen's ballads.

"You and me,
We are destined
-You'll agree-
To spend the rest of our lives
With each other,
The rest of our days
Like two lovers.

Forever - yeah - forever.

My bijou..."

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